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  • Cybersex Addiction
    Help with addictive or compulsive computer-based sexual activity and cyber-infidelity problems.
  • Internet Addiction
    Full-text articles, assessment and self-help tests and tools, links to addiction clinics and therapists, and discussion forum.
  • Internet Addiction Guide
    A look at the facts and opinions behind so-called "Internet addiction disorder" (compulsive over-use of the Internet).
  • Internet Addiction Survey
    Designed to test one's tendency to become addicted to the Internet. Includes a report entitled "Common Causes Of Computer Related Stress".
  • The Quest to End Game Addiction
    Article examining whether persistent online gaming is a harmless pastime or a serious addition.,1882,48479,00.html
  • Virtual Addiction: Internet Addiction Information
    Information and professional as well as self-help resources on the growing problem of internet and computer addiction and their psychological and social implications.

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