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  • ACSH: Tobacco
    The American Council on Science and Health has been a leader in restoring scienctific fact and context to health issues, both in exposing overstated and understated risks. This page covers tobacco, including what the warning label doesn't tell you.
  • AHC News Alert
    Collection of health stories, including extensive coverage of tobacco.
  • Asbestos and Cigarettes
    Asbestos and cigarettes both cause lung cancer, but some types of lung cancer are specific to one cause. A short summary of the facts. Site is run by attorneys who represent people who have cancer from asbestos exposure.
  • BBC News: Grim toll of smoking
    More than 122,000 British smokers will die prematurely in the year 2000 from a smoking-related disease; article explains.
  • Cigarette Anyone?
    Firsthand accounts of what it is like to live with the diseases caused by cigarettes.
  • Cigarette Smoking-Attributable Morbidity --- United States, 2000
    Most reports focus on how many people are killed by tobacco products; this report estimates how much disease cigarettes cause: tobacco products give more than 8.6 million Americans serious diseases every year.
  • Cigarettes Cause Heart Disease in Young People
    Resent research finds that teen-agers and young adults who smoke have three times the level of plaque in a major artery as those who don't smoke.
  • Easy Rider Ain't So Easy: A Living With COPD Story
    I am a 50 year old man, diagnosed with COPD -- severe emphysema, chronic bronchitis and a moderate asthmatic component. I started smoking when I was about 14 years old..."
  • Face the Faces
    The human toll of tobacco, from INFACT. Started in response to a tobacco executive's statement that the people who die each year from tobacco are just a "computer-generated number." This site shows some of the people who are dead or dying of diseases caused by tobacco. Pictures are accompanied by text written by friends and family.
  • Fetal Nicotine or Cocaine Exposure: Which one is Worse?
    Although public and medical attention focuses on fetal cocaine exposure, the epidemiological evidence suggests fetal nicotine exposure does more damage.
  • Health Effects
    Quick, sometimes graphic, documentation on impotence, blindness, breast cancer, the irreversible effects of smoking, lung cancer, and injuries.
  • Health Effects of Smoking
    A graphic gallery documents some well known and some lesser known effects of cigarettes.
  • Health Effects On the Unborn Baby
    Concise summary of effects of firsthand and secondhand exposure to tobacco products on the unborn.
  • Hooked on Nicotine
    Short article for mylifepath on nicotine, addiction, and health effects of tobacco.
  • How to prevent heart disease
    Concise factsheet explaining how to prevent heart disease, available for downloading in Adobe acrobat format.
  • Just the Facts
    Very short factsheet on health effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Larynx Cancer and Smoking
    Doctor explains how his patients who smoke get invasive cancer of the voice box (larynx); images and video of a biopsy.
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