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    A variety of information on ayurvedic principles, terms and common questions.
  • Ashtavaidyan.E.T.Ravi Mooss
    Offers knowledge about Ayurveda in terms of its history, different branches, pharmacology and panchakarma. Also their products and services.
  • Ayur Center
    Ayurvedic portal in Australia offering information on ayurveda, terminology, yoga, products and services.
  • AyurCure
    Provides on line ayurvedic advice and tips to lead a healthy life.
    Site providing information on ayurveda and resources. Also information on law regulating ayurveda and siddha medical sciences of India.
  • Ayurveda Cures
    Offering information and consultations with doctors in India.
  • Ayurveda For You
    Information on treatments and practices. Free newsletter. Health service providers directory.
  • Ayurveda n Health
    Information on ayurveda and its influence on various diseases, especially obesity.
  • Ayurvedic Foundations
    Conducts workshops and custom training (US and abroad), produces audio cassette tapes, and provides Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling. Links, online catalog.
  • Ayurvedwebline
    An exhaustive and in-depth study of Ayurveda. Includes sections on yoga, health recipes, herbal cosmetics, and other areas.
  • Dhanvantari
    History and iconography of the founder of Ayurveda includes links to sites on Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala
    A company in India that provides treatments and manufactures ayurvedic products.
  • Discover Ayurveda
    Articles describing ayurvedic approach to health, diet and digestion and beauty. Information on aromatherapy and ayurvedic massage.
  • Everyday Ayurveda
    A membership organization for ayurvedic practitioners with a few courses, book reviews and tips for the general public.
  • India Profile
    Offers information about various Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Inter Natural Health
    Providing treatments, products, information, Ayurveda and massage training, treatment tour in Kerala.
  • Invest In India
    Health tips, cures for ailments, products and Siddha medicine.
  • Jiva Ayurveda
    Site includes home remedies, products, courses via internet, consultations, chat room, Ayurvedic newsletters, tips and articles.
  • Kamlesh Foundation
    Offering information on ayurveda, aromatherapy and its basic principles.
  • Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala
    Health care center specializing in Ayurveda herbal medicines and treatments.
  • Life Positive
    Information on history, branches, treatments and holistic health benefits of this alternative treatment method.
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