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  • About Breathing
    Site includes breathing development, breathing tests, health articles, weight loss, exercises, private lessons, and training certification.
  • Asthma Care Ireland
    Site contains safe and effective breathing methods, questions, Buteyko information, and tips.
  • Authentic Breathing Resources
    Offers breathing and breathwork exercises, tips, articles, meditations, research, and workshops for health and self-transformation.
  • Body-Wisdom Institute
    Alternative therapies, emotional release therapy, bodywork, breathwork, somatic therapies. Workshops, classes, retreats, practitioner training. Ankeny, Iowa.
  • Breath Mastery
    Explores the potential and possibilities of breath and breathing, towards self discipline through the teachings of Dan Brulé (Guchu Ram Singh).
  • Breathing Coordination
    Site with information on continuing the research and practice in breathing coordination after the demise of Carl Stough and the Stough Institute for breathing coordination.
  • Breathwork - Australia
    Comprehensive listing of articles and seminar details for heart opening, personal transformation, relationship enhancement, emotional healing, and raising heart intelligence using breathwork and other modalities.
  • Breathwork Discussion Group
    Email discussion group/list on the topic of healing breathwork, especially rebirthing.
  • Breathwork Healing in Florida
    Also known as Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork and Theta Breath and is a powerful and cathartic process of healing that is created by the breath.
  • Bursting the Body Light
    Meditation program for emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing. Dona Ana, New Mexico.
  • Buteyko Training Services
    Providing teaching methods in Buteyko Breathing, an effective, drug-free, self generating way of optimising oxygenation to every cell by perfecting your breathing. South Perth, Western Australia.
  • Emoclear Emotional Processing
    Site includes more than 60 emotional processes of Steve Mensing, with information on emotional growth and human potentional.
  • Eupsychia Institute
    Intensive training program to become a certified practitioner of integrative breathwork and the psychospiritual integration process. Site based in Austin, Texas founded by Jacquelyn Small.
  • Instep Asthma Free
    Asthma relief method supported by a clinical trial at a top Australian hospital. Free download of instructions for children. Describes the Buteyko Method for asthma.
  • Intellect Breathing
    Promotes endogenous breathing for preventive maintenance and treatment of many illnesses. Central office in Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • International Breathwork Foundation
    A well-stablished international network of breathwork schools and practitioners which organizes the annual Global Inspiration Conference to further the exchange of research and experiences in different methods of conscious breathing
  • Leonard Orr
    Web site dedicated to the promotion of rebirthing. A breathing technique created by Leonard Orr.
  • LifeBreath
    Site includes guides to health, wellness and stress reduction.
  • Lifequest Breathwork
    Breathwork and Rebirthing session courses from Melbourne, Australia.
  • Manna 2000
    Non-profit association for holistic healing and inner growth, rebirthing training, spiritual travel. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands holding workshops in Arizona, USA.
  • Mountain Wind
    Exploring health, self-knowledge, consciousness and self-transformation through natural breathing, Taoism, Chi Kung, and the ideas and practices of G. I. Gurdjieff. San Francisco, California.
  • Optimal Breathing
    Discover how to breath deeply and freely, releasing tension, and feeling more alive and vital than ever before. Michael Grant White, Waynesville, North Carolina.
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