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  • Alternative Healing
    Self healing through chakra meditation and aura balancing with a quartz crystal.
  • AngeliCrystals
    This site is about chakra healing with crystals.
  • Angelite Om
    Angelite Om is a company specializing in Angelite.
  • Astro Clinic
    Healing chronic diseases with gem therapy,an alternative medicine.
  • Crystal Energy
    Health by stones selected natural crystals for health and meditation.
  • Crystal Grid of Light
    Informing others how to make a crystal grid of light.
  • Crystal Power
    Robert Todd Carroll on crystals. From the Skeptics Dictionary.
  • Crystal Star People
    Channeled information on crystals and their use in healing.
  • Crystal Stargazer
    Providing Crystals, Gemstones or minerals chosen for their Healing properties.
  • Crystal Worlds
    Explanation of crystal energy, meanings of various crystals. Information on how to work with Crystals.
  • Crystalinks
    Ellie Crystalinks site - the Earth's core crystal, Atlantean and other crystals.
  • Crystals and Healing
    Information on crystal healing.
  • Earth Bow
    Information on crystals, minerals, gem stones, stones, gems, and crystal healing for a new age.
  • Electro-Crystal Therapy
    Specialist in electro-crystal therapy for young mothers and children in Australia.
  • Electronic gem therapy
    This site contains information about electronic gem therapy treatment.
  • Gemisphere
    Gemstones for healing and awakening.
  • Gems for Friends
    The Healing properties of gemstones and crystals. Information and links.
  • Gemstone Energy Guide
    Energy and healing properties for gems like amethyst,quartz and crystal.
  • Gemstone Power Bracelets.
    Power bracelets for health and healing.Do power bracelets really work?
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