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  • Alicia Sirkin
    [Miami, USA] Bach Flower Essence practitioner and teacher. Phone and e-mail consultations available.
  • Angelic Essences
    Vibrational remedies from the angelic realm. Includes angelic, shamanic essences for people, animals and environments. Introduction to their use.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
    Details of the properties of each of Ian White's essences and combinations, as well as details of workshops around the world.
  • Bach Centre
    Extensive information about Dr. Edward Bach and the Bach Flower Remedies, including educational opportunities and publications.
  • Bergakungens Gem and Mineral Salves
    Gem-salves, made with gem-powder and elixirs (essences) as described by Gurudas, and a full users-guide. Information and links.
  • Charminghealth
    Consultations by filling in an online form which is diagnosed by an organisation based in India.
  • Delta Gardens
    Massachusetts center for essence research, education and product development. Online sale of flower essence products. Also practitioner courses and consultations.
  • Deva
    French laboratory producing its own range of essences as well as those discovered by Dr. Edward Bach.
  • Essence Of Tasmania
    Flower and other essences from the island of Tasmania. Photos, descriptions of remedies, energetic pathways and online ordering.
  • Flower Essence Energy
    Maggie Smith's email readings and custom flower essence formulations. Also detailed women's rituals to follow when using essences described.
  • Harmony Flower Essences
    Descriptions of range of flower, tree, gem and star essences with printable order form.
  • Healing is Essential
    Las Vegas based practitioner Bryana C. Hillman provides information on the use of remedies and individualized consultations.
  • Himalayan Flower Enhancers
    The healing and meditational value of these essences. How they came about, help in choosing and ordering details.
  • MK Projects
    Canadian vibrational consultant Mary Kurus outlines her Choming Essences and explains her Vibrational Assessments.
  • New Bach Flower Therapies
    Non-commercial site in several languages. Articles, body maps, production information, literature, biography of Dr. Edward Bach, links.
  • New Harmony Flower Essences
    From Hawaii. Site includes information about the individual essences, what an essence is and how they work.
  • New Millennium Flower Essences
    Flower and gem essences from New Zealand and articles and background to flower essences generally. No online ordering.
  • Nordic Essences
    Environmental Essences from the region of the highest mountains in Jotunheimen, Norway. Energies of streams, lakes, trees and glaciers.
  • Pet Synergy Flower Essences
    An introduction to flower essences and how they may help behavioural problems in pets.
  • Rising Serpent
    Descriptions and ordering of essences linked to the planetary movements of the heavens.
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