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  • Arnold Ehret Health Club
    Fasting for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. Includes an free online book.
  • Colon Health
    Nutritional Consultant, Colon Therapist assists your health and healing-candidiasis, cancer, chronic fatigue, intestional disorders, diabetes, other imbalances-hard to find health products.
  • Deep Down Wellness
    Site describes how to perform several cleanses, such as a gallbladder, kidney, a total-body detox and a 10 day Chinese cleanse.
  • Detoxification
    High-content site on detoxification with special emphasis on techniques for cleansing particular systems. Chapter on probiotics.
  • Detoxification Therapies
    Article by Gary Null and Barbara Seaman.
  • Fasting
    Vibrant health starts from a clean bowel. Learn here how to achieve that. Comprehensive internal organ cleansing information. Fasting, colon cleansing, juice fasting and semi fasting.
  • Fasting to Freedom
    Excerpts from the book by Ron Lagerquist and Michael McGregor.
  • Health and Beyond Online
    Collection of natural health articles devoted to detoxification through diet and/or fasting.
  • HealthWorld Online: Fasting
    Elson Haas (M.D.) talks about the benefits and possible hazards of fasting. How to fast; how to time your fast; how to break your fast. Section on juice fasts.
  • HPS-Online: Helping People Survive online
    Content on fasting, colon cleansing, intestinal health care, auto urine therapy, and other preventive and alternative health care therapies.
  • The Colonic Network
    A directory of colon hydrotherapists worldwide and online catalog for equipment and supplies for LIBBE. Also offering I-ACT certification courses.

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