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  • Holistic Health Tools
    Information and articles on holistic remedies for the mind, body and spirit.
  • Holistic Health Topics
    Information on alternative medicine, nutrition, CFS, and other disorders.
  • Holistic Healthcare Online
    Directory of alternative health practitioners searchable by state, city, country, or specialty. Stop-smoking, weight loss, relaxation and motivation self-hypnosis tapes also available.
  • Holistic Link
    Resources on holistic courses and workshops, therapies and practitioners, readings and shopping.
  • Holistic Medicine
    Extensive documentation on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and many other subjects. Links to related sites, conference and retreat listings, medical news items, USENET groups listings, and alternative medicine practitioner directories.
  • Holistic Medicine and Natural Health
    Holistic alternative herbal medicine, complementary natural health therapies, longevity research, news and informative articles.
  • Holistic Online
    Provides detailed information about holistic, integrative, alternative, and mind-body therapies. Conditions and their treatment, categorized under conventional and alternative medicine, are described. Has a directory of preferred providers. Knowledgebases include herbs, nutrition, diagnostic tests and other topics.
  • Holistic Practitioners
    Listing of the holistic community of practitioners, businesses and organizations in Austin, Texas.
  • Holistic Therapies OnLine
    Holistic therapies for physical and mental well-being, including aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, stress management, massage and diet.
  • HolisticNurse
    A free resource to those seeking information on alternative and complementary healing modalities. Listed are books, links, and other resources to assist you in your quest for knowledge.
  • Inner Health
    Information on holistic health integrated approaches to mind and body therapies, classes for health professionals.
  • Lilipoh Wellness Journal
    Journal dedicated to informed choice in healthcare, offering an insightful and easy-to-follow path to the best of modern natural medicine.
  • Massage in Seaside
    Provides information on massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, cranial work, reflexology, myofascial release, and etheric pulse therapy.
  • Medicine for the Third Millennium
    Provides information, suggestions and information on new ways at looking at health. Statement the site indicates "sells no products, potions, drugs, remedies or medicaments. Nor does it advocate any system of medicine, orthodox or alternative. It is devoid of religious content and does not recommend individual practitioners."
  • Moonlight Health
    Features an alphabetized online "library" containing a wide variety of articles on the topic of holistic medicine. Also contains a discussion board and an online store.
  • Natural Healthlink - Holistic Health
    Information on what is holistic health, when is holistic medicine used, treatments and how to find qualified holistic practitioner.
  • Pain Alliance
    Information on pain management for chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Water therapy, exercise, pools, spas, magnets, nutrition, relaxation, motivation, workshops and various alternative products.
  • Path Medical
    Combination of medical techniques, with an emphasis on brain health and anti-aging therapies. Includes research findings, an article on brain chemistry, schedule of New York radio broadcasts, and sales of dietary supplements and books.
  • Peaceful Mind
    Alternative methods, resources on therapies, and products for healing mind, body, spirit.
  • Pure Health Systems
    Holistic alternative health product information.
  • Quantum Hologram Bio-Cybernetics
    The therapy of the interactive, analogical bio-information. A corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system.
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