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  • Art of the Sel
    Personal growth meditation technique to override harmful instincts like fear by releasing benign ones, like nurturance.
  • Golden Sufi Center
    Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Order of Sufism. Naqshbandi Sufis are known as the "silent Sufis" because they practice the silent meditation of the heart. Meditation groups worldwide. Inverness, California.
  • Heart Meditation on God
    This Heart Meditation teaches how to access the mystical heart from a New Age perspective.
  • Heaven on Earth
    Courses, workshops and tapes of meditations for spiritual growth channelled by Christopher Sell. Northumberland, England, UK.
  • Institute for Applied Meditation
    Educational non-profit dedicated to heart-centered meditation and its effects on achievements, relationships, and health. Discussion of the book, "Living from the Heart," a comprehensive text on heart-based meditation. Online instruction, workshops and retreats. Founded by Susanna Bair and Puran Bair.
  • Institute of HeartMath
    A nonprofit research and education organization offering prevention and intervention strategies for improved emotional health, decision-making, learning skills and violence reduction in families, schools and communities.
  • Straight from the Heart: Thirteen Talks on Meditation"
    A collection of Thai Buddhist lessons on developing an open heart by the Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa. Also includes an introductory glossary of Buddhist and meditation terminology.

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