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  • Arcana Workshops
    Offers training in esoteric meditation in California.
  • Arthur D. Saftlas, Meditation teacher
    Guidance into meditation. Counseling on choosing a meditation and encouragement on the path less travelled. Larkspur (San Francisco Bay Area), California.
  • Aspire
    Non-denominational, not-for-profit organization devoted to helping individuals move along the path to spiritual awakening. Workshops, meditations in California with Gregory Penn. Audio files from radio show.
  • B.O.T.A. In Europe
    Propose lessons and techinques based on the mystical teachings and practices of the Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Tarot in Deutch, English, French, Spanish.
  • Complete Self Attunement
    Offers meditation therapy via pratitioners throughout the US, self healing, spiritual growth, retreats and meditation tapes.
  • Dedicated Life Institute
    Supports spiritual exploration and growth and is dedicated to making the principles and practices of Buddhism and the essence teachings of many traditions accessible. (Newton, MA)
  • Focus your guide4egypt
    Travel agent in Egypt, offering meditation, healing power, tour information.
  • Hazeldens Thought for the Day
    Posts a new inspirational thought every day to lift your spirits and keep your recovery program on track.
  • How to Meditate
    Provides an explanation of how and why to meditate. Information on Buddhist meditations.
    Primordial Sound Meditation courses. Mahaila McKellar, instructor.
  • Meditation Center
    Contains colorful, clear, concise meditation instruction on a variety of meditation methods from various spiritual teachings, plus tranquil meditation tapes, guided and instrumental.
  • Meditation Pathways
    Published by The Meditation Institute, Yardley, Pennsylvania. Classes in Yoga and meditation. Chiropractic treatment.
  • Natural Meditation Initiatives
    Presents meditation in a culturally neutral format and offers a free self-paced Internet course in meditation.
  • Stress Defense
    Stress and energy management programs including, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and Qi Qong. (New York)
  • Stress Reduction
    A multifaceted approach that includes relaxation, meditation, exercise, appropriate medication, herbal remedies or, perhaps even magnetic healing. Meditation practice can be learned through workshops and retreats.
  • Sunin Do Institute
    Korean traditional meditation developed by Kyu Jung Choi. Santa Monica, California.
  • Transformation Meditation
    Earn a living while teaching meditation and give the gift of improved health, inner peace and fulfilment. Certificate of achievement is awarded upon completion. Home study course.
  • Turaya Center
    Meditation classes, healing touch. Laurie Seymour, founder. Denver, Colorado.
  • What Is Meditation?
    "Remember meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radial intelligence. Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer."
  • Zen Entrepreneur
    For those interested in meditation, entrepreneurship, mysticisim and career success.

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