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  • Meditation and Ayurveda: Beyond the Elements
    Ayurveda physicians say, the most important message of Ayurveda is that of getting a connection with the spiritual side of our being. That, together with the practice of meditation, you can avoid illness altogether and embark on your spiritual evolution beyond the elements of fire, air and water.
  • Meditation Research
    Summarizes over 500 studies on the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program for health, mental abilities, and social well-being.
  • Research and Health Benefits of Sahaja Yoga
    Article entitled "Easy Healer," from "The Indian Express," describes the healing effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation practice. Includes anecdotes about individual experiences.
  • Study of Psyche by Carl Jung
    article by John Henshaw. Carl Jung found the stages of individuation of his patients elaborated through dream and symbol corresponding with those of old mystery cults. Although Jung never practised any form of organised meditation he saw the attention itself gathered into deeper levels of being by the motion of the unconscious self through Kundalini awakening, which can be the meditation in itself.

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