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  • Baking Soda aka Bicarbonate of Soda
    List of household problems solved by the use of this alternative to commercial products. Baking soda is known as bicarbonate of soda in the UK.
  • BioNatural - Self Health Shop
    Over 100 innovative natural self health products. Specializing in water ionizers, detoxification, foot patches, antiaging, natural supplements and non toxic living
  • Body Earth Self
    Living free of chemicals with natural substitution ideas to help maintain body, mind, and spirit and to increase environmental awareness.
  • Chemicals and Your Health
    Watchtower article describes how synthetic chemical compounds have changed our lives.
  • Cleaning Chemicals Toxicity Report
    An overview on health & safety concerns related to cleaning chemicals & personal care products, supported by a compilation of articles published over the last several years.
  • Colloidal Silver References
    References for information about colloidal silver, a powerful natural antibiotic, which reportedly acts as a catalyst to disable the enzyme needed by one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi for their oxygen metabolism.
  • Earth Dr
    Ways to protect the home environment from entry of surface and subsurface contaminants. Transport and remediation of contaminants in the ground water and soil atmosphere are detailed.
  • Environmental Alternatives
    Description of various environmentally sensitive options including chemical-free products, composting toilets, rainwater catchment, gray water treatment, fire combustors, and food supplements.
  • Fibromyalgia
    Information on handling fibromyalgia, including links, mailing list, and non-medical approaches.
  • Green Living Now
    Environmental speaker and writer, Amy Todisco, can teach you how to live a non-toxic, earth-friendly life. Providing one-on-one and group consultations.
  • Green Shopping Magazine
    A comprehensive mix of articles on green shopping topics that concern everyone who wants to live a healther, more environmentally conscious lifestyle.
  • Nancys home and office cleaning
    Licensed non-toxic cleaning service. Service information in detail. Natural products are made by Nancy. Contact me for information on making your own non-toxic cleaning products
  • Natureswax
    Handcrafted candles made from pure sweet, honey-smelling beeswax. Votives, tapers, pillars, glowing vessels, container candles and beeswax by the block.
  • Nontoxic Cleaning Tips
    Frugal alternatives for households using vinegar, borax, baking soda, lemon, salt, artgum erasers, and botantical resources. Tips for pet owners on grooming and herbal remedy alternatives.
  • Organic Style
    Ezine with resources for living a balanced lifestyle with organic health, beauty, food, and garden features.
  • Soft Water Naturally
    Instructions on producing soft water at home.
  • The Geomancer
    Feng Shui information, including practitioners and schools. Information on geopathic stress and how to reduce its effects and on how why electro-magnetic fields are related to cancer, miscarriages, depression and hyperactivity.
  • The Green Design Initiative
    Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Initiative. An industry-academic consortium researching the benefits of managing resources and usage of toxic substances.
  • The Naturally Clean Home
    Excerpts from a book which explores the safe, nontoxic, effective and inexpensive cleaning formulas that can be easily made from baking soda, vinegar, beeswax, herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients.
  • The Organic Lab
    Formulas and instructions to make your own organic personal care products. All you need is a blender and a green grocer.
  • The Right-To-Know Network
    Databases to identify chemical releases in your neighborhood, toxic waste and industry compliance with federal regulations.
  • Vinegar, Uses For
    Vinegar is safe, environmentally friendly and cheap.List of tips that use vinegar.

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