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  • Applied Ozone Systems
    Information on all aspects of ozone use. Also includes information about the book Breath of Life by Chuck Ankeney
  • Ed McCabe's, 'Mr Oxygen', site
    Home site of Ed McCabe, a journalist, who has spent the last 20 years publicising the benefits of oxygen therapies. Site offers numerous articles as well as a search engine covering ozone research studies.
  • Healing Center - Las Vegas
    Angel Healing Center in Las Vegas can provide ozonated steams and ozonated colonics as well as several other therapies.
  • Healing Center, The
    Integrated medical clinic in New York City providing ozone therapy and IV vitamin therapy. Also collection of articles on ozone medical research & therapy.
  • Introduction to Ozone Therapy - West London
    Amongst other properties, ozone therapy oxygenates body tissues, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and an immune system modulator. Ozone therapy also helps detox the lymph system.
  • Lifestyles Therapeutics - Canada
    Offering various oxygenation therapies including hyperbaric and ozone therapy. Based in Camrose
  • Oxygen and Ozone Therapies
    One of the largest collections of articles, references and other information concerning ozone and other oxygen therapies. Also features worldwide practitioner listing.
  • Oxygen Healing Therapies
    Information and articles on a wide range of different oxygen therapies. Also has a directory of US/Canadian doctors and clinics offering oxygen therapy.
    Center in Tustin, California, providing ozone/oxygen bathing treatment.
  • Ozone Association
    Website of the Medical Society for Ozone application in Prevention and Therapy
  • Ozone Forum
    Dr. Gerd H. Wasser's online resource on using ozone for therapeutic purposes. Rheurdt, Germany.
  • Ozone Generator & Therapy Supplies - UK
    UK distributors of ozone generators, ozone therapy accessories & laboratory ozone equipment offer pre-sales advice & customer support to the public, naturopaths, doctors, vets & dentists.
  • Plasmafire Intl.
    Manufacturers of ozone generators and personal steam saunas.
  • The O-Zone - Ozone in Dentistry
    Exciting new research studies show ozone can reverse decay in certain teeth. Descriptions of dental uses of ozone and collection of research papers.
  • The Ozone Gateway
    Site details comprehensive range of home & clinic, ozone therapy equipment and accessaries. Information on all aspects of generators, oxygen concentrators and other supplies. Also has downloads of recent lectures, useful technical information & useful clinic forms.

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