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  • A Journey Into Healing
    A look into the healing art of reiki and how it helps to balance the mind body and soul in an easy to understand format for everyone.
  • Alef Reiki
    Information on ancient healing modality based on the Hebrew alphabet rediscovered by Eli Machani.
  • Alt.Healing.Reiki Website
    Contains basic profiles of regular participants on the newsgroup "alt.healing.reiki" and links to other informative Reiki websites.
  • Alternative Balance
    Hosts the U.S. Reiki Connection, which offers practitioner resources, including a professional directory, support, and continuing education materials.
  • American Board of Reiki
    Membership and professional certification board for Reiki practitioners and teachers worldwide.
  • Harmony Centre of Integrative Medicine
    Offers healing modalities including: acupuncture, therapeutic massage, Reiki, Chinese herbology and cranial sacral therapy. Office location details in Springfield and Yellow Springs.
  • Holistic Online: Reiki
    How the technique works, clinical trials, the conditions for which it is beneficial. Use of crystals and other articles.
  • Introduction to Reiki
    A brief overview of the history and uses of Reiki.
  • Lotus Petal Reiki
    New Reiki system channeled by Daria Marin. Teacher directory and contact information listed.
  • Natural Therapy Clinic Ltd
    1st Degree Chiron Master, Kathy Lockyear, owns and runs the Natural Therapy Clinic, providing therapies in reiki healing, kinesiology, remedial massage, nutrition and geopathic stress.
  • Oasis Reiki Forum
    General information on healing, meditation and prayer. Email discussion group.
  • Reiki 4 All
    Information on Usui, Tera Mai, and Karuna styles. Multilingual site by Remy Willems in the Netherlands.
  • Reiki Cafe
    Chat for pracitioners or those interested in healing, maintained by Michael Stenzler.
  • Reiki for the World's Peace
    Facilitates joint efforts to use Reiki to promote world peace. Includes discussion group and information on Reiki and attunements.
  • Reiki Healing
    Featuring acclaimed video "To Live and Heal".
  • Reiki Healing Health Benefits
    Learn about Reiki healing and how it can help keep and maintain health. Also includes information about the chakras, auras and their color meanings and kundalini energy.
  • Reiki Healing: The Crystal Garden
    Information on Western style Reiki and the use of crystals in healing. Information on meditation and care for crystals.
  • Reiki Questions
    FAQ on Usui method; products and links directory.
  • Reiki Ryoho Pages by Light and Adonea
    Classes, advanced techniques, class schedule, events calendar, art and extensive articles. Maintained by the Southwestern Usui Reiki Ryoho Association, Lake Montezuma, Arizona.
  • Reiki Web
    Principals and hand positions. Music and books.
    General information about Reiki, its history, and treatment methods. Also includes a forum for practitioners.
  • Reiki4all
    Information about Reiki and other holistic healing methods often used together with Reiki. Symbols and practitioners list available.
  • ReikiOne.Com
    Practitioner and teacher directory, question and answer forum, classifieds, newsletter. Hosted by Teri A. Moore in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Information on Reiki, and meditation and yoga. Link for Yahoo email discussion group.
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