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  • Alternative Medicine and Quackery
    Alternative medicine and quackery: what various alternative healing methods exist? For what diseases? Mainly critical viewpoints.
  • Cancell Alternative Cancer Treatment
    Exposes disinformation regarding Cancell, a safe alternative cancer treatment which has successfully treated people and animals for a wide array of diseases for more than thirty years without dangerous side affects. Information on other alternative cancer treatments such as Laetrile and Hydrazine Sulfate is also supplied.
  • Debunking the Paranormal
    A science writer's guide to debunking pseudoscience, the paranormal, homeopathy, and other far out claims of alternative medicine.
  • Health Sentinel
    Provides news and information that effects health and the world. All the information presented here comes directly from reliable sources such as peer review medical, scientific, historic, and other journals.
  • HealthLink MCW
    Offers an a question and answer dealing with the safety of alternative medicines.
  • My Visit to a "Straight" Chiropractor
    Article by Stephen Barrett debunks chiropractic hocus-pocus by visiting a chiropractor undercover as a patient.
  • QuackWatch
    Some "treatments" make more money than cure patients. Site provides information on the signs of quack medicine, how to evaluate a treatment, how not to get taken.

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