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  • 4 Perfume Info
    Guide to perfumes for men and women. Includes FAQs, product guide and designers.
  • Acquire Perfume Sense
    Tips about perfume, scents, difference between eau de cologne, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, aftershave lotion. How to apply and test for allergies.
  • Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild
    Guild to establish formal standards of excellence in natural perfumery. Includes discussion forum.
  • Ask Mr. Perfume
    Offers a store and discount locator for hundreds of brands of perfume. Also offers reviews and contact information for each designer.
  • Encyclopedia of World Perfumes
    Includes information (descriptions, pictures, shopping malls finder) of more than 5000 worldwide perfumes.
  • Fragrance as a Protective Shield
    Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, all used fragrance to attract beneficial energy, and to keep away inauspicious energies. What are today's healing and aromatic cleansing plants?
  • Fragrance Finder
    Fragrance personality quiz.
    Perfume, cologne, and fragrance history in men`s and women`s lives. History of fragrances over 130 centuries. Created by a group of enthusiasts who worked in the perfume industry and now are dedicated to share their knowledge.
  • Free Perfume Samples
    Offers a free newsletter, Todays Beauty Tip. Also a perfume fact sheet.
  • Human Pheromones
    What pheromones are and how they work. Articles, mailing list, and products.
  • Jainism Simplified
    Jainist perspective on karma, including that of perfumes and scents.
  • osMoz
    Thematic site dedicated to perfume. Current events on perfumes, the history of fragrances, interviews of fragrance creators, the secrets of a perfume, games, contests and an exclusive club.
  • Perfume 2000
    Industry contacts, complete perfume industry product listing, related news and special perfume features. Some services available only for a fee.
  • Perfume Lovers Webring
    Information regarding the webring.
  • Pioneer Thinking: Making Fragrances
    Create perfumes and body splashes to suit personality and taste. Offers 15 recipes that can be made at home.
  • Stefan's Florilegium: Perfumes
    Medieval perfumes and pomanders and recipes. See also the files cosmetics-msg, handcream-msg, aphrodisiacs-msg, spices-msg, herbs-msg, lavender-msg, rose-water-msg.
  • The Fragrance Foundation
    Educational arm of the international fragrance industry (non-profit). Information and tips about fragrance.

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