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  • Back-A-Line
    Belt designed to improve posture.
  • Body Stress Release
    A technique designed to release locked body stress and tension.
  • Campaign for Better Seating
    Information about posture and good chair design from an Alexander Technique point of view.
  • Correct Posture
    Well-written analysis of what constitutes good posture, and how to achieve it.
  • Correcting Faulty Posture
    Comprehensive posture information from a chiropractic point of view.
  • Human Posture
    A scientist's analysis of poor posture and suggestions for improving it.
  • Posture
    A chiropractic analysis of good posture and how to attain it.
  • Posture Education
    Ergonomically designed seats and back supports.
  • Posture It
    Posture analysis system for medical professionals.
  • Posture OnLine
    Eastern exercises designed to improve your posture
  • PowerPosture
    Neck and back pain program for improved posture and physical fitness.
  • Stretch Now
    Training programs for individuals subjected to computer and repetitive task related injury.
  • The Posture Ball
    A product designed to encourage better posture
  • The Posture Guide
    Information about the Alexander Technique and how it can help with posture improvement
  • The Posture Page
    Comprehensive information about several varied approaches to achieving an easy, flexible upright posture. Many useful links.
  • The Posture Theory
    Book outlining the theory that poor posture is a primary cause of numerous other health problems.
  • Vinyasa Yoga Postures
    The art of sequencing postures and balancing them with counter postures.
  • Walking Technique and Form
    Learn the proper form and posture for power walking.
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