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  • A Time to Grieve
    Explores the experience of grief after the loss of a parent and offers support, simple suggestions, and a place for sharing memories.
  • AARP Grief and Loss Program
    Offers information and interactive resources for people grieving a death. AARP offers this free community service to all adults. Searchable database of United States grief and loss programs.
  • Alive Alone
    An support group for the education of bereaved parents, whose only child or all children are deceased.
  • Another Reality
    Explores the extraordinary experiences of the bereaved and how they can be used to cope with the death of a loved one.
  • At Health Newsletter
    Resource links for pregnancy loss, sudden infant death syndrome, and widows' support.
  • Becoming Eternal
    Selections from a book of 365 essays written by a married couple for the one of them who will survive the other's death.
  • - Grief and Loss Forum
    Multifaith website, providing information, provocative essays and articles, online community and other interactive resources about grief and loss.
  • Bereaved Parents of the USA
    The loss of a child starts an incredibly difficult grief journey. Get help from others further down that road. Local activities (Florida), newsletter, and recommended readings.
  • Bereavement - A Magazine of Hope and Healing
    Offers searchable magazine archives, free online support groups, free electronic sympathy cards, free electronic memorials, and a secure catalog.
  • Bereavement and Beyond
    Video designed to support those dealing with the death of a loved one. Interviews and analysis show how people cope and deal with loss and bereavement.
  • Beyond Indigo
    Provides information on caregiving, loss, grieving, and end-of-life issues for family, friends, pets, and loved ones, with an emphasis on the positive.
  • Broken Hearts, Living Hope
    Offers a free monthly print newsletter for bereaved families, as well as photo albums to display pictures of deceased children.
  • Center for Loss and Renewal
    Dedicated to understanding the process of grief, and its impact on laypeople and professionals. It includes a monthly column, "On the path from loss to renewal."
  • Children's Lighthouse Memorial
    Memorial built to celebrate the memories and lives of children who have died. Parents can have a cobblestone engraved with their child's name placed in the foundation of the Edgartown Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard.
  • Compassion Connection
    Offering comfort and hope to those grieving loss of child, spouse, parents, siblings, missing, suicide, tragedy, divorce, abused. Loss of health, loss of pet, loss of job. Processing grief. Inspirational.
  • Crisis, Grief, and Healing
    A place for people to find help in healing from loss. The honor page (the first internet memorial site) has over 500 memorials, and continues to put up memorials free of charge.
  • CRUSE Bereavement Care
    National charity set up to offer free, confidential help to bereaved people. Cruse produces booklets on coping with grief which you can buy on-line.
  • DearHeaven
    Writing to the departed can be very good therapy. This site allows people to send an email into the cosmic consciousness.
  • Dr. Virgil Fry
    A comfort-giving, hopeful resource for those dealing with serious illnes, those who have lost someone, and those who care for them.
    Attempts to assist those seeking relief to grief by providing a free one way e-mail address in the name of their deceased loved ones.
  • Family Grief Resources
    Providing grief resources, articles, recommended reading and support to people coping with the death of a loved one.
  • Friends Along the Road, Inc.
    Relief for those in deep grief, so that they may have time away from pressing obligations in order to rest, seek consolation or healing, and possibly reevaluate their lives. Bulletin board and fund raising activities.
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