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  • Ask Happyshrink
    User submitted questions with both serious and sarcastic advice from a mental health professional.
  • Doctor Leon - Psychology with Attitude
    A satire including sarcastic mental health definitions, visitors' questions with answers, commentary on therapy, and funny quotations.
  • Managed Health Care Humor
    Humorous stories and jokes about the business side of medicine.
  • MPN Medical Humor - Psych Cartoons
    Psychiatry cartoons by various people, part of a larger medical cartoon and joke collection.
  • On Beyond Ritalin
    Dr. Suess style poem and cartoons covering all known treatments for ADHD.
  • Rapid Psychler Press
    Humorous, yet educational textbooks and presentation graphics for psychiatry, psychology and other behavioral sciences.
  • Shrink-In-A-Box
    A humorous computer psychological analysis.
  • Social Phobia Phunnies
    A web site that sheds some humor on social phobia with cartoons and cartoon strips.
  • Social Psychology Humor
    Popular cartoons with psychological analysis of their themes.
  • Trillian's Psych' Humor
    Large collection of jokes and stories.

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