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  • A Real Old-fashioned Art
    How to handle verbal abuse, includes information about non-escalating verbal self-defense.
  • Abuse Recovery and Marriage Counseling
    Information, resources, holistic therapy, hypnotherapy, ADD, & court evaluations for abuse survivors.
  • Abused
    Emotional, verbal, mental, physical abuse, with abusers and abused in men, women (including in pregnancy), and children.
  • Abusive Relationships Tips
    Tips about the myriad types of psychologically abusive relationships.
  • Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
    A former abuser and his wife provide information, questionnaire, FAQs, help resources, and links.
  • Bully OnLine
    Emotional and verbal bullying in the workplace.
  • Emotional Blackmail
    A powerful form of manipulation and how to handle it.
  • Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse
    Books, online articles, and programs dedicated to healing the from abuse.
  • Psychological Abuse
    Essay about how not to abuse from a teacher, addressed to other teachers.
  • Relationships with Abusers
    Resources, links, FAQs, and bibliography regarding relationships with abusers.
  • Spousal and Domestic Abuse
    Articles, links, discussions, and resources regarding spousal abuse and domestic violence.
  • Symptoms of Emotional Abuse
    List of symptoms to help you determine if your relationship is verbally abusive.
  • The Abuse Network Survivor Aid Links
    Information and links for survivors of sexual, physical, emotional, or mental abuse and neglect during childhood. Where to get help, books, training, and information on UK events.
  • Verbal Abuse
    Support resources, newsletter, recommended reading regarding verbal abuse and how to resist it.
  • Verbal Abuse
    Subtle verbal abuse, prevention, parenting, and methods of recovery and healing.
  • Verbal and Emotional Abuse
    Articles, discussions, personal experiences, and links regarding emotional, verbal, and psychological forms of abuse in relationships.
  • When love hurts
    A guide to love, respect, and non-abusive relationships.

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