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  • Medical Reference Guide for School Nurses
    Compared to other nurses, the job of a school nurse in a pre-college educational institution is quite different in many aspects. Some common examples of ailments that school nurses have to deal with include influenza and colds that tend to occur when school is back in session, as well as lice, ringworm and pinkeye.
  • New York Hospitals
    New York Hospitals provides a comprehensive and current listing of all New York hospitals.
  • Nurse's PDR Resource Center
    Includes monthly alerts, changes and new drug releases. Features the monthly drug column from RN Magazine as well as daily drug news headlines from Individual, Inc.
  • NurseLinx
    Index to current journal abstracts for general nursing and specialties.
  • NurseScribe
    Provides articles on clinical topics, writing, and professional development, and annotated links to writing tools, nursing theory, organizations, and specialties.
  • Nursing Dosage Calculators
    Offers drug calculators including mcg/kg/min, drip rates, body surface area, and metric conversions, and tutorials.
  • Nursing Ethics
    Index of Canadian and international resources, including organizations, codes of ethics, selected articles, and forum.
  • Nursing Online
    Nursing resources page is a portal for nursing profession containing the links to practice, research, education, and professional organizations. Regional nursing around the world is also provided.
  • Pennsylvania Hospitals
    Pennsylvania Hospitals provides a current and comprehensive listing of all Pennsylvania Hospitals.

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