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  • 14 Carrot Healthy Living
    Provides nutrition information regarding various supplements including barleygreen and herbs. Also has diet, cleansing, spiritual, and motivational tips.
  • About Probiotics
    Probiotic information for consumers and physicians. Includes scientific studies on beneficial digestive tract bacteria, as well as a bulletin board.
  • Beyond Vegetarianism
    Explores the varieties and psychology of idealistic diets which may lead to orthorexia nervosa, a syndrome of health and behavioral problems arising from rigid adherence to alternative diets.
  • Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
    Offers courses in natural and holistic nutrition through distance education; participants earn the designation "Registered Holistic Nutritionist".
  • Centurion Ministry
    Offers Jesus-inspired and Bible-based nutritional programs to treat AIDS, cancer, and a host of other diseases.
  • Colostrum Info
    Scientific research, anecdotal evidence, and expert opinion about using colostrum to maintain health and deal with chronic conditions.
  • Elson Haas Healing Foods
    An article on alternative nutrition by a physician who has written several books on the prevention of diseases through eating healthy food.
  • Food and Healing
    Includes articles concerning uses of home remedies in foods to maintain health and well-being. Based on the work of Annemarie Colbin, author of Food and Healing.
  • Heal Marketplace
    Teaching health through alternative nutrition. Students of Dr. Richard Schulze, teaching and practicing his style of natural healing.
  • Healing With Nutrition
    Information on nutrients and disease associations: Lists nutrient and lifestyle options with medical options and precautions.
  • Health Bulletin
    Alternative, complimentary and preventive health news. Factual health information from leading scientists to keep you up to date in this rapidly growing field.
  • Healthy Immunity
    Provides information and newsletter about research in the field of immunology and nutrition.
  • Holistic Health Courses
    The Global Institute for Alternative Medicine offers basic nutritional consultant programs.
  • Holistic Nutrition for the Whole You.
    Holistic nutrition therapy and counseling focusing on issues concerning intake of supplements and healthy lifestyles. Has list of herbal and homepathy products on site.
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    Information on healthy nutrition; also offers training for health counselors in accordance with their nutritional theory, the Trinity Program.
  • Knowledge in Applied Nutrition
    Provides educational resources concerning natural health and wellness to healthcare professionals and consumers.
  • Life Lines
    Nutrition and wellness therapy with touch healing, sclerology, contact reflex analysis, herbs, and alternative practices. Resources of programs on site.
  • Moss Nutrition
    Metabolic and nutritional library providing information relating to nutritional biochemistry and the metabolic needs of the chronically ill patient.
  • Nature Helps Us
    Includes information about the Agaricus bl. Murill mushrooms healing benefits, cancer research, and history.
  • New Millennium Nutrition
    Nutrition and supplementation research by a Registered Nurse, covering diet, food groups, supplements and hormonal precursors.
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