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  • Center of Excellence for Remote & Medically Under Served Areas
    CERMUSA is the brainchild of the physician assistant program at St. Francis College. Director Bert Simon is a pioneer in distance education technologies and helped assemble CERMUSA to combine computer and communications technologies to improve access to healthcare and education in rural and isolated areas. CERMUSA, an example of PA innovation.
  • Medical-PA.Com
    Free e-mail service for physician assistant professionals, pa students, and prospective students.
  • Physician Assistant History Office
    Offers information about the professions origins, philosophy, structure. Includes mission statement, goals, timeline, biographies, new exhibits, trivia questions, and references. [Some links require Adobe Acrobat.]
  • What is a Physician's Assistant?
    Short description of the functions and responsibilities of a PA, written for the layperson. Provided by Skaggs Community Health Center.

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