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  • American History Sweatshop Exhibition
    A pictorial tour of sweatshops from 1820 to the present. From the National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution.
  • Buchan's Domestic Medicine
    An on-line transcription of William Buchan's 1785 home medical guide for the treatment and prevention of disease in the 18th century
  • Edward Jenner
    Includes e-texts of the three publications about smallpox vaccination.
  • Germ Theory Calendar
    A time line of all speculation on and experiments pertaining to the germ theory of disease beginning in 50 BC and going to 1900
  • Images From the History of the Public Health Service
    An online version of Images from the History of the Public Health Service; A Photographic Exhibit by Ramunas Kondratas, Ph.D. printed in 1994 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Public Health Service.
  • John Snow and Cholera
    The life and times of Dr. John Snow (1813-1858), with multimedia pages including the complete text of On the Communication of Cholera. Created by the Department of Epidemiology, UCLA School of Public Health.
  • Walter Reed Yellow Fever Papers at U. Va.
    Personal and professional letters and documents written and received by Reed and his associates during their successful effort to prove the mosquito transmission of yellow fever

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