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    Information, Q&A, user comments on all popular methods of contraception.
  • AnnRose's Ultimate Birth Control Links
    Links to family planning choices including abstinence, condoms, diaphragm, hormonal implants, injections, IUD, tubal sterilization, the Pill, emergency contraception, vasectomy and how to choose.
  • Birth Control / Family Planning
    The Health Connection, Calgary Regional Health Authority. Birth control information, condoms and diaphragms, I.U.D, tubal ligation, vasectomy.
  • Birth Control at Suite101
    Informative articles concerning the history, present, and future of birth control. Access to discussions and links to related sites available.
  • Birth Control Methods
    Information to help decide which type of contraception is best for you and your partner. Includes descriptions of different methods and personal anecdotes. From King County, Washington, Health Department.
  • Birth Control Methods
    Introduction of birth control methods, efficacy of birth control methods with information of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Birth Control Survey Results
    Results of an international survey of preferred birth control methods conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide.
  • Calgary Birth Control Association
    CBCA offers non-judgmental support and information to help you make confident, well-informed decisions. Pregnancy options - abortion, adoption, parenting, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), sexual orientation.
  • Choosing a Birth Control Method
    Interactive online questionnaire, supported by extensive information about contraceptive methods, guides women or men through the decision process. From Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.
  • Contraception
    The Global Reproductive Health Forum @ Harvard (GRHF). Harvard School of Public Health. Resource links to frequently asked questions, comprehensive contraception information including new methods, and research.
  • Contraception
    Peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on contraceptive advances and research in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, biology, the medical sciences, and demography. Includes a sample issue.
  • Contraception factsheet from BUPA
    Concise factsheet explaining effective methods of contraception, from the UK health insurance firm. Covers pills, male and female condoms, injectables, implants, diaphragms and caps, IUDs and intrauterine systems, sterilization, natural methods, and emergency contraception.
    Information on birth control and other methods of contraception.
  • Contraceptive Choices Home Page
    Comprehensive and readable information on birth control methods, by Dr. Robert Hatcher of Emory University.
  • Contraceptive Methods
    Information on the currently available male and female contraceptive methods, including reference material and training tools, such as presentation graphics with trainer notes.
    Discussed contraceptive choices, benefits and risks of birth control pill and possible connections between birth control and breast cancer.
  • Epigee Birth Control Guide
    A comprehensive guide to birth control, responsible sex, and reproductive health. Discusses use, failure rates, and FAQs for all methods, and provides instructions for condom use and NFP charting. Reviews STD's and Safer Sex.
  • Essure: Permanent Birth Control by Conceptus
    Essure is a new form of permanent birth control from Conceptus. Essure offers advantages over common sterilization methods, like tubal ligation, because it is less invasive and works naturally with the body.
  • Family Health International
    FHI works to improve reproductive health around the world by increasing the number of safe, effective, acceptable and affordable contraceptive methods to ensure that women and men achieve their desired number and spacing of children.
  • Family Planning
    Comprehensive review of contraceptive methods available worldwide and choosing the right method for you.
  • Feminist Women's Health Center
    Complete descriptions of every method of birth control available in the USA, birth control comparison chart. How a woman's menstrual cycle works and when she is most likely to get pregnant.
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