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  • Female Sexual Dysfunction
    Information on diagnosis and treatment; includes a facility to submit questions to a board-certified physician.
  • His and Her Health
    Sexual and medical news and views for men and women; covering treatments for sexual dysfunction and other urology-related conditions.
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction
    Information about male sexual dysfunction and loss of libido or sexual desire in men.
  • Medical Celibates Network
    Information for and about those who are unable to have sex due to medical reasons.
  • Microwave Sex
    Frank advice to women who don't know, or can't believe their husbands are impotent.
  • National Foundation for Sexual Health Medicine
    A nonprofit organization informs about sexual dysfunction and its treatment for both men and women; site addresses the medical community as well as the general public; includes schedules of educational programs.
  • NewShe
    Dr. Jennifer Berman's and Dr. Laura Berman's site with articles, videos, and resource lists for women seeking advice on sexual function problems such as lack of desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.
  • PJB / Scrip Report
    An analysis for the pharmaceutical industry: The Therapeutic Market for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction. Free-access summary; full report requires subscription.
  • Sexual Counselling
    Sex questions, problems and concerns answered here with periodic updates.
  • Sexual Dysfunction
    Evaluation and treatment of sexual dysfunction.
  • Sexual Dysfunction and Depression
    Female sexual dysfunction may be linked to clinical depression. Antidepressant drugs, particularly SSRIs, are known to interfere with libido and arousal.
  • Sexual Dysfunction in Women
    Online chapter of the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, with diagnosis and treatment suggestions intended for physicians.
  • Veritas Medicine: Sexual Dysfunction
    Clinical trial listings and in-depth treatment information; those interested to participate in clinical trials can apply and submit personal information.

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