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  • Assessment of Medication Use in the Elderly
    Reducing the risk of polymedicine can easily be accomplished with a complete drug history.
  • F.A. Davis Company
    The features you find here complement and enhance the use of Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses, 6th Edition, Davis's Electronic Drug Guide, and the Nurse's Med Deck, 6th Edition.
  • NursingWorld
    The American Nursing Association's position statement on polypharmacy in the older adult.
  • Questioning The Use Of Drugs In Nursing Homes
    Disussion of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which indicates that patient behavior in the nursing home setting isnt significantly affected when drug therapy is halted. Dr. Dean, HealthCentral.
  • Senior Pharmassist
    A program in Durham County that helps older adults with limited incomes purchase medications and coordinates with their healthcare providers to ensure effective and affordable medications for them.
  • The MEDS Program
    A consultation program that utilizes the skills of a geriatric trained pharmacist to evaluate the medication regimens of clients. Includes access to the senior care pharmacy mailing list.

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