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  • An Online Hearing Test
    Have your hearing tested online and see if you need a hearing aid, or should see an audiologist.
  • Audiology Incorporated
    AI provides education materials for hearing-impaired people and their families and develops automated hearing tests.
  • DeafHorizons
    The online community for the deaf and hard of hearing.
    Information about hearing problems and solutions, background knowledge, and up-to-date information about new developments in hearing care.
  • Earmolds and You
    Information on the use and care of earmolds & behind the ear hearing aids.
  • Focus on Hearing Loss
    A physician produced listing of health information about hearing loss and communications disorders.
  • Hearing Loss. Health factsheets from BUPA
    Concise factsheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treatment of hearing loss, available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • Hearing Professionals
    Information and resources for Hearing Professionals.
  • Hearing Visions
    Sales of self-help program to learn lipreading skills.
  • hearXchange - Be All You Can Hear
    Provides resources to enable the hard of hearing and deaf to be made aware of the changing technologies in the hearing field.
  • Modernising Hearing Aid Services
    The MHAS programme, funded by the Department of Health, is about improving patient services, and making digital hearing aid technology available on the NHS.
  • MyHearing
    Contains information on hearing loss, disorders, testing, related issues, deafness and the ear.
  • NIDCD Health Information: Hearing Aids
    Describes what hearing aids are and how they work, how to find out if you have hearing loss, and the different types of hearing aids. From the US National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.
  • Noise Sensitivity / Sensitive Hearing
    Read a personal account of hypersensitive hearing problems and the links between the condition and magnesium deficiency.
  • Searchwave
    Searchable index directory for audiology, hearing loss, hearing aids, and the ear. Database of websites in audiology for patients, students, and healthcare providers.
  • Sears Hearing Centre
    Sears Hearing Centre provides hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, from the latest digital hearing aids, to behind the ear, and assistive devices and in ear monitors.

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