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  • Advice on Contact Lens Usage
    Personal tips and advice on the use and wear, and taking care of the eyes.
  • All About Sunglasses
    General information, designer styles, sports sunglasses and lens features. A buyer's guide to sunglass styles and features.
  • - Eyesight
    Includes health information on testing a man's eyesight.
  • Bates Association for Vision Education
    Information about the Bates Method for better eyesight without glasses. Discussion of multiple vision conditions and what can be done outside conventional treatment.
  • Check Yearly, See Clearly
    Education campaign to encourage yearly eye exams, as well as vision care education and media resources for the public and eye care professionals.
  • Contrast Sensitivity
    Contains information for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals about contrast sensitivity issues.
    Provides information on vision science, vision testing technology, contrast sensitivity, and functional vision.
  • Dr. Ergo
    Information about computer vision syndrome and ways to relieve eyestrain and fatigue when using a computer.
  • Eyecare India
    Information about eye anatomy, problems, vision correction, and other topics for patients.
  • Icare4u
    Resources and links to credentialed information.
  • Imagination blindness
    Nonprofit, informational site dedicated to the Bates Method of vision education, a method to restore eyesight naturally, without surgery, drugs, or glasses.
  • MCW HealthLink
    Eye care information from the physicians of the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • MyEyeNet
    Directory of websites relating to all aspects of vision and eye health.
  • National Eye Institute
    Official web site for this agency, one of the United States government's National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Natural Vision Recovery
    Complete online information to improve your eyesight by natural methods.
  • RetinaCentral
    Genetics, diseases and anatomy of the human retina. Includes links to related resources.
  • Sighting the First Sense - Seeing is Believing
    Provides a wealth of information regarding vision, the eye, perception, and light, with a timeline of the events and people who shaped optical research.
  • SightWise
    Public awareness site dedicated to preventing detached retina for very nearsighted people and others at risk.
  • Vision 3D
    Information site about eye teaming and vision therapy.
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