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  • Alemars Copy Service
    Specializes in dealing with clinics and hospitals to obtain copies of patient's medical records. Information about the company and contact details. Located in Monrovia, California.
  • Dr. I-Net
    Offers online storage of personal medical records.
    Providing health account services for individuals and doctors.
  • EHRweb
    Provides a repository for information related to electronic health records for medicine and dentistry. Maintained by the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Division of Information Technology.
  • Full Circle Registry
    Provides living wills at no cost to all who request them; stores your medical records and emergency medical information for immediate download by health care professionals worldwide.
  • GTI Patient Power
    Allows a consumer to create a personal medical folder. It assists medical practitioners to quickly review key medical information, and more accurately treat a patient, particularly in an emergency.
  • Handymedical
    Web based family medical record system prints convenient wallet and purse sized reports to a local printer.
  • Health Records Online
    Provides the ability to build, maintain, and store a personal health record history online, allowing for safe and efficient access by any chosen physician.
  • Healthgram
    Portable health record to store personal health information and test results in a safe and secure way.
  • InstantEKG
    Store your electrocardiograms online so that healthcare professionals can access them from anywhere with internet access. Includes tour. Requires membership fee.
  • K.I.S. Medical Record Solutions
    Information about the company and its services provided. Includes an introduction, fees, FAQs and contact details.
  • Medical I. D Card
    A wallet size card with your medical information that can mean the difference between life and death during an emergency situation.
  • Medical Records Web
    Get medical records online through a secure source...for insurance companies, attorneys and individuals needing medical records.
  • MedicData
    Healthcare records and smart claim verification.
  • MedXchange
    Information about the services offered which include a health portfolio, medical data and security and safety. Gives benefits, costs and terms and conditions.
  • My Health Briefcase
    Designed to give consumers a safe place to store health records so that they may be accessed quickly in an emergency situation.
    This site is devoted to providing free, easy to use tools that will enable you to create, maintain and control access to your personal medical records using the internet.
  • People Chart
    Provides a service that helps patients gather and use their medical records to improve their health care at home and while traveling.
  • Personal Medical ID Card
    Card summarizes an individual's health records regarding the name and strength of your medications and why they are prescribed.
  • PrivaSource
    Enables health data handling in compliance with state and federal (HIPAA) patient privacy regulations. Includes products and services, news and events, and contact details.
  • Sanctuary, Inc.
    A non-profit organization seeking to provide information on a legal and enforceable Advance Directive.
    Hosted service for healthcare providers to verify patient insurance eligibility and for access management of patients, doctors and resources. Includes the benefits, press room and a search.
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