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  • Advance Therapy
    Physician service offering online consultations for hormone replacement including testosterone, women's therapies, and growth hormone.
  • Advice from Doctors
    An online doctors medical advice column for medical questions. Charges a fee.
  • Ask Your Family Doc
    Fee-based on-line medical consultation service. Access to free monthly health newsletter.
  • Ask Your Family Doctor
    Offers online health advice from health consulting experts. Medical, drug, health and wellness information. Database of medical questions and answers and health advice archive.
    Ask a Doc section allows for question and answers for your medical issues.
  • Consult Doctors
    Fee-based medical consultation service offers confidential health advice and information.
  • Descipher
    Offers lab test diagnosis. Enter medical lab test results and a short list of possible diseases and conditions is produced.
  • DocByWeb
    Contact a healthcare professional, describe your specific information, and receive an appropriate level of care from our professionals.
  • Doctor Back
    Provides British citizens a way to arrange a consult with a family doctor over the telephone or by e-mail from anywhere in the world.
  • Doctorissimo!
    Will not replace a personal physician but can answer specific medical concern and can help users decide whether their problems require a visit to the doctor and, if so, to what kind of a doctor.
  • Dr. Ashley Minas
    Offers online medical consultation and advice, latest medical news, atlas of anatomy and skin diseases, cancer risk and diabetes charts. English and Russian.
  • EasyDiagnosis
    Offers automatic online medical diagnosis for consumers. Answer questions about your signs and symptoms and expert systems come up with the most likely diagnoses.
    Access to experienced physicians online to answer your health questions, provide prescriptions and referrals.
    A virtual hospital. Talk with a virtual doctor in real time.
  • Family Caregiving Options
    A brief check list based on-line analysis to review caregiving needs for the individual.
  • Health/Nutrient Discussions
    Quick links to study disease and nutrient associations on your own.
  • HelpMatch
    The HelpMatch service provides a quick and easy way to get professional consulting for a wide range of health and life-related issues.
  • MD Expert
    Cancer treatment website offering expert opinions, second opinions for cancer, oncology, tumors and mestastic cancer
  • MD on the Net
    Fee based medical dialogue site with board certified physicians.
  • MED-HELP.COM's Ask The Nurse
    Medical Information, Ask the Nurses, Medical Library, Medical Links, Medical News, Medication Information, Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, Non Profit Medical Ministry.
    Offers fee-based questions for primary care and specialist doctors. Forums require free registration.
  • Ocean of Hope
    Ask medical questions, shop for products online.
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