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  • ACSH: Health Advice in Women's Magazines: Up in Smoke?
    Dr. Elizabeth Whelan reviewed 13 magazines across 5 months, and finds they emphasize nonexistent or trivial health risks, while largely overlooking major causes of disease, particularly smoking.
  • Catching Our Breath: A Journal About Change for Women who Smoke
    Written by women for women; explores some of the problems women must overcome to quit smoking, or to reduce the amount they smoke. Also explores why women smoke as well as ways to cope and relax without smoking.
  • Cigarette Ads Targetting Women
    A collection of cigarette ads targetting women, from a gallery of cigarette ads.
  • Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy
    New evidence that cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior disorders and lower math and reading scores in children.
  • Cigarettes Cause More Damage to Women
    Recent research finds that cigarettes cause more disease in women.|6488290806610947403/-1052814329/6/7051/7051/7052/7052/7051/-1
  • Philip Morris: National Expert on Women
    Once-secret memo, the Virginia Slims Opinion Poll Public Relations Plan, documents a PR campaign that Philip Morris ran to position itself as the "most authoritative chronicler of women's issues".
  • Sluts against Butts
    Features women bent on holding the tobacco companies responsible.
  • Smokey Imagery and the 7 Deadly Myths describes tobacco industry use of images of thin, liberated women, enjoying an active, love-filled life, to get women to smoke.
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