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  • BabyCenter
    Find out what circumcision involves, what the health benefits and risks are, and other things to consider when you're deciding whether to have it done.
  • Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
    One of the largest collections of online circumcision information. Divided into two sections. CIRP Reference Library contains medical, legal, historical, ethical, religious and human rights references. CIRP Information Pages contains resources for parents and educators including anatomy, circumcision methods, and foreskin restortion.
  • Circumcision Information for Parents
    This menu page provides links to basic information for parents about circumcision, care of both the intact and circumcised penis, protection from wrongful circumcision, legal recourses, and what is lost to circumcision.
  • Facts on Circumcision
    by Joshua Levine in the Men's magazine "Ask Men" [Aug 2000]Learning the health related facts behind circumcision.
  • Protection of Infant Boys from Wrongful Circumcision in Hospital
    The American Academy of Pediatrics clearly states that circumcision is an elective non-essential procedure which means it is neither necessary nor desirable for your son's health. Parents will be given little time at the hospital to make up their minds on a complex matter that will affect their son for all of his life. This file addresses the needs of parents who do not want the circumcision surgical procedure performed on their son.
  • Psychological Aspects of Circumcision
    This page describes and indexes articles relevant to the psychological, neurological, and sociological effects of male circumcision. The material within each category is arranged in order of publication.

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