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  Lotte Berk (11)
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  • BioSomatics Deep Stretch
    A body awareness exercise program emphasizing tension release, flexibilityand postural alignment.
    Stretching for individuals with Back pain. Information and other helpful links.
  • Body Mapping
    Practical self-exploration using the principle of the Alexander Technique to enhance the way you move.
  • Centering Concepts
    Audio visual aids for the practice of stretching, neditation, relaxation and stress management.
  • Changing Shape
    Free on-line stretching program.
    Flexibility and stretching 2 tape video set that focuses on functional flexibility.
  • Feldenkrais at Home
    Integrative relaxing movements for sensory-motor learning, optimal posture, health and pleasure, back care, sports performance.
  • FlexTrain
    Video and information on an orthopedic and sports physician recommended flexibility training program.
  • Innerself Magazine: Stretchin'
    Article about the benefits of stretching by Carla Inniss, a Hatha yoga and meditation instructor.
  • Muscular Flexibility
    Description, tests and measurements.
  • Pool Exercise Program
    Exercises to help increase and maintain joint flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, increase endurance and maintain healthy joint function.
  • Stretch to Win
    Flexibility training system designed to enhance athletic performance.
  • Stretching and Flexibility
    A very comprehensive collection of resources by Brad Appleton.
  • Stretching Exercise Video
    Physical Therapist's exercise program designed to prevent of muscle and joint pain related to adaptive muscle shortening.
  • Stretching Exercises
    Instructions from a certified aerobics instructor.
  • Stretching, flexibility and back pain
    Information on stretching exercises for flexibility and back pain by
  • Synergetics
    Exercise designed to help people with knee, hip and back injuries.
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