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  • Angel Survive
    A support site (chat and forum) for victims of abuse, rape, or mental illness topics.
  • Defunct Board
    A message board to share feelings, thoughts, actions, or anything else about depression and addiction.
  • DMDA Metro Atlanta
    Provides support groups in metro Atlanta for people with depression or bipolar disorder and their family and friends. Includes support, education and advocacy.
    Information on psychological disorders, psychiatric medications. Includes mental health chats, support groups, journals, diaries, online psychological tests, and news.
  • Madnezz
    For people with mental problems. Among the categories are schizophrenia, OCD, and abuse.
  • Mental Earth Community
    Mental health forums managed by Dr. Warren Selekman, PhD. Variety of mental health forums and chat rooms.
  • Mental Health Today
    A place to find mental health resources both online and offline. Resources for consumers and professionals.
  • Mixed Nutz
    Support site for people dealing with mental illnesses. Chat room, bulletin board, and personal experiences.
  • NAMI - New York City
    By and for family members of/and persons who have neurobiological disorders - mental illness. Information on many disorders.
  • Nutz'so
    A place where those who struggle with mental illness or abuse can go to be heard and seek answers in the experiences of others.
  • Phoenix Society
    An organization dedicated to positive mental health at Tulane Medical School.
  • Psycho-Babble
    Message board for mutual support and education, focused on medication-related topics.
  • Psycho-Psycho-Babble
    Message board for mutual support and education, focused on psychology and psychological treatments, including different theoretical orientations and techniques, the therapy process, transference, how to find a therapist, and similar topics.
  • The Bitch Pillow
    Communal therapy on the Web. Allows users to communicate life's frustrations and elations anonymously in the message boards.
  • The Bright Side
    An online community of support, resources, and information for those struggling with mental or emotional difficulties, whether dealing with a crisis, coping with a mental disorder, or just feeling overwhelmed with life.
  • The New Start Group
    An online self-help group based in Blackburn, England for those suffering from anxiety, depression, manic depression, mood swings or schizophrenia.

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