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    Free self-help resources for those whose lives are touched by disease.
    Global medical search engine. Comprehensive source of medical information available on the web.
  • American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse
    Database of over 900 national and international self-help support groups for various health problems. Local self-help clearinghouses worldwide. How-to's on starting groups.
    Support Groups that cover most conditions.
  • HealthWeb
    Resource through which the health care professional can access applications, websites and other health care entities.
  • Help Doctor
    Medical resource database with links to a large number of health related sites.
  • Med Surfer
    Directory of health resources for healthcare professionals and consumers.
    An interactive site for health and wellness information. Tools for health self-evaluation and improvement.
  • The Wellness Web
    Community has been created to give males and females of any area, a place to meet to talk about health and wellness. Discuss issues such as health, wellness, spirituality, herbs, aromatheraphy, weight loss, diet, eating, fitness, healthy lifestyles.
  • Third Aid
    Offers patients and caregivers of any of over 800 conditions the chance to meet, swap emails, exchange information, and share experiences with others.
  • Your Online Health Community - FacetoFace Health
    FacetoFace Health is your trusted health community for connecting one-on-one with others who share similar health experiences. Share your story, and find others, quickly and privately. Humanizing Healthcare Communities - that's what we do.

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