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  • 1 Stop Weight Loss
    Provides information on programs, ebooks, articles, diets, tips and tools.
  • Achieving Weight Loss
    Features articles, tips, and diet changes along with easy exercises, stretching exercise pictures, and simple lifestyle changes for healthy living.
  • Active Karma
    Information for personalized, interactive and sustainable online weight control program. Includes nutrition, fitness tips, and stress counseling.
  • Advanced Body Mass Index Calculator
    Calculates your body mass index and shows statistics to compare your body to others of the same height, sex and age. Handles pediatric and older adult ages.
  • All About Diet Plans
    Reviews diet plans and offers recommendations, dieting tips and information.
  • Am I Fat?
    Find out if you are overweight and what can be done about it. Includes an overview of obesity, weight tables, calorie requirements, and a forum.
  • Analyzing Weight Loss
    Analyzing different methods including fads, natural diets and exercise.
  • BBC Online Health - Fighting Fat
    Details on how to keep to a healthy weight, eat well and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.
  • Body Mass Index Calculator for Children and Adults
    Instructions on filling in form which is available in metric or US measurement. Includes more details about the average figures and links to further resources about weight management.
  • Calorie Counter
    Lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Support, diet tips and chat room.
  • Calorie Database
    Contains a wealth of nutritional information on individual food items, with detailed breakdown of calories, carb, fat, and various vitamins and minerals.
  • Calorie Management
    Offers menu tools for weight loss and control for health, for life.
    Offers a searchable directory of nutrition facts and printable food labels. Includes a daily calorie requirement tool to determine daily calorie needs.
    A diet portal featuring free diet plans and programmes with a powerful online diet diary.
  • Calories Per
    Calculates calories for hundreds of activities and foods, BMI and BMR. Includes fat loss tips and information on diet, weight loss and calories.
  • Diet and Fitness by
    Diet tips, information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, health calculator, find a workout, keyboard yoga and online chats and discussions.
  • Diet and Weight Loss Info
    Fill in an application and a personalized book is emailed to the address given.
  • Diet Center for Weight Loss
    Offers dieting tips and weight loss information including choosing successful weight loss programs, diet pills, fad diets, and weight loss myths.
  • Diet Central
    Read reviews of many popular diet programs - Atkins, The Zone, Weight Watchers, Carbodydrate Addicts, Sugar Busters, Body For Life, Cabbage Soup Diet, Grapefruit Diet and Protein Power.
  • Diet Food Facts
    Comprehensive nutritional food statistics directory for dieting. Articles cover various diet plans, calories, carbohydrates and food fats. Tools include body fat and BMI, waist circumference chart, and calories burned by activity.
  • Diet Information
    Explains which diet is best, how to lose weight, how to slim thighs, exercise for idiots, a free plan, free weight loss ezine.
  • Diet Patch Information
    Guide to a variety of weight loss techniques and supplements, including diet patches.
  • Diet Plans for Women
    Diet Plans for Women. Healthy and delicious diet plans for women without side effects.
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