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  • Natural Healthlink
    Detailed information on weight loss and obesity, including weight loss diet, helpful dietary changes as well as related nutritional supplements and herbs.
  • Negative Calorie Foods
    A discussion on these foods and how they can help keep a healthy diet. Includes a list and a page of links.
    Download the Agile Body Mass Index Calculator 1.0 to calculates BMI using height, weight and gender.
  • NutriDiary
    Free food and exercise logging web application that tracks, analyzes, and graphs calories in, calories out, nutrients, weight, body fat, and BMI. Also allows weight goal and nutrition target setting.
  • Prescription Weight Loss Review
    Reviews the most commonly prescribes drugs for weight loss, including all side effects and benefits.
  • Self Regulation of Body Weight
    Failure: the predictable outcome of dieting, has bad consequences for the dieter. This web site is designed to help people escape the iatrogenic consequences of the dieting spiral.
  • Serotrim
    Offers information about a weight loss plan utilizing carbohydrate-rich appetite control beverages to supplement a low fat, portion-controlled eating plan.
  • Slimmer's Diary
    Weekly diary of our volunteer slimmer who started The Anne Collins Diet on 26 March - personal experiences, tips and readers' questions answered by Anne Collins herself.
  • South Beach Diet Guide
    Offers practical information on getting started with the SBD, plus personal experiences, a recipe exchange, and public discussion forums.
  • South Beach Diet Information
    Learn how SBD helps to archive weight loss by consuming the right amount of good carbs and fats. Also provide weekly diet plan and recipes.
  • Staying Slim
    Find resources for staying healthy and fit. Content includes news, success stories, articles, a forum, and diets.
  • Suite 101
    Eating for Life will provide assistance to control your life, and your diet; one week at a time. Offers links and articles.
  • Susan Powter Online
    Offers information to lose weight, become lean, strong and healthy, and look and feel terrific.
  • The Dieter's Notebook
    Offers feature articles and links from Suite 101.
  • The Hacker's Diet
    Billed as "how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition," this is a serious weight loss program written from an engineering and management perspective.
  • The Weight Directory
    Directory of weight-loss resources, products and services.
  • The Weight Loss Zone
    Provides information, products, and tools that will help you lose weight.
    Provides information about the Zone diet plan. Includes an introduction, getting started, and the science behind the plan.
  • Weigh-Less
    To attain and maintain the ideal weight, the healthy way. Offers message boards, chat, exercise, food for the soul, recipes and success stories.
  • Weight Chart
    Goes by height and frame size. For men and women.
  • Weight Control - WebMD
    Consumer health site written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.
  • Weight Loss and Fitness Information
    Learn about fitness and nutrition with the focus on good health. Section on drinking water quality and contamination.
  • Weight Loss Connection
    Offers weight loss support, diet and fitness plans, motivation, tips, articles and personal weight analysis.
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